As someone who has a soft spot for well crafted objects – especially works made by the hands of experienced master craftsman, I have always wonder how does a designer like myself ever gonna achieved the same distinction as him. You see, we work with digital tools and in few instances, machines. The closest hand work we do is probably the sketches we make to translate our ideas. It is impossible for designers, actually, to attain the level of (for the lack of a better word) stardom as an age old craftsman.

Well, all these changed when I came across Yanagi’s note. I realised, while not everyone can be a craftsman, all of us can have the attitude of one. And the single most distinctive attribute I can pick out is “thoughtfulness”.

While “thinking” relates to the way we perceive our world (which often gives shape to our vocation) , I believe that “thoughtfulness” considers the relationship between two or more people as the basis to create. I think therein lies the responsibility and influence of a designer – much like a craftsman.

And thoughtfulness, can be felt through our works.