A Mark of Contemporary Design and Authentic Craftsmanship

KOBO (工房), is a contemporary crafts brand founded by Supermama, a design and crafts store based in Singapore. Working with a selected group of making facilities in Japan, and independent designers from around the world, KOBO is an on-going collection of works which seeks to address the existential condition of traditional crafts in a highly industrialised and digital world.


Sori Yanagai, one of the pioneer of modern Industrial Design in Japan, rightfully quoted –

“tradition is not restricted to re-creating old things just the way they used to be. It is important to create thoughtful things that progress with an environment that is evolving. Actually, this is the real way to inherit tradition. This is what we call the “living mingei” of today.”  

The mission of KOBO is clear – we want to show how well designed and well crafted objects can

(1) suggest new forms and functions,

(2) elevate our daily living and ultimately,

(3) inherit tradition.


KOBO (工房), which means a maker’s workshop or factory in Japanese, explores different perspectives, approaches and thinking towards traditional making techniques – in a constant pursuit to find a new standard of Japanese craftsmanship and a new design language that can be shared with the world.

– Edwin Low, founder and director of KOBO Collection